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Obligated, Pressured, Quick to Please, Leaving You Exhausted?

Daily life is a constant stress and stress is not necessarily a bad thing. We actually need a level of stress to operate but we don’t want the stress to become overwhelming. Stress can quickly turn into anxiety which can have several side effects and symptoms that effect both the body and the mind. We individually have a lot of responsibility, school, work, relationships, family, meals, health, sleep, this list can go on, and on, and on. When others reach out it may be because they themselves need help managing their stress or they have the time or an event that they want you to be apart of. People’s busy lives are difficult to sync up and saying yes to something that you may not have the time or the energy for can leave you feeling exhausted and can result in creating resentment. Psychology Today has provided an article with 9 tips to help you say NO for those who struggle with this. Maybe you are someone who loves to help, finds pleasure in assisting others, but when you are overwhelmed and have a difficult time say no to others, you may be the one who needs the help. I was told when I was in my first quarter of graduate school and working full time as a program manager that I would learn quickly to say no to my social life in order to stay afloat, and I did. I now feel comfortable saying no to others when its appropriate and saying yes when I am able, and more importantly when I want to. This skill helps create and maintain healthy boundaires for yourself and others.

I throroughly enjoyed this article and it gives concrete examples on how to say NO when necessary and how to manage the emotions that may arise in doing so. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/how-we-work/201302/nine-practices-help-you-say-no