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Talking to Children About Tragedy

Talking with our children about scary situations and tragedies can seem un-nerving. We want to protect our children from seeing events like yesterday’s twin bombing at the Boston Marathon. It is hard not to see these images with today’s access to television and computers. Many parent’s ask, how do I talk to my children about this? What do I say? Try telling them to look for the helpers. One of the first things I took notice to yesterday was a man with a cowboy hat helping to rush an injured man in a wheel chair out the danger zone and to medical attention, he was a helper. I also heard on the radio about people rushing to the hospital to donate blood to help save lives of those injured, they were helpers. These are things that parents can point to their child and say, “look, even though what is going on is scary, there is someone helping someone or something.” There will always be helpers in cases of tragedies and it is important to remember that in times of crisis and chaos people can still come together to help each other. When things seem scary it is good for our children to know to look for help and ask for help if they need it.

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