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Is Our Community Boston Strong?

I have been following the press and news releases about Boston’s tragedy for a week now and a current theme I read or hear are the words BOSTON STRONG! I myself understand the meaning behind what has been said about Boston, they are a long established community that stands strong in the face of adversity or even something as common as a Red Sox game. Being a Yankee fan once living on the east coast, I have witnessed their strength first hand.
      “The people of Boston are strong like cement. Strong people. They get together when it’s needed,” said Robert Bibias, a city masonry worker , as reported by Ziad Jaber of NBC News.
Today they opened the side walk of the bombing site, which was freshly paved over with new cement. The laying down of the new cement takes away the crime scene and symbolizes the restoration normality in the daily lives of the people of Boston. While normality is being regained  this does not mean people aren’t still dealing with the pain and suffering that was inflicted but it is a start in the healing process. During this tragedy and the days that have followed, I have found hope and strength from images and stories of how the Boston community came together, worked together, and stood strong to help each other. As Boston goes through the healing process a question continuously comes to my mind, Is our community Strong like Boston? Could we band together in times of chaos and tragedy to help each other? Is there more we can do as a community to prepare or build our strength? No one wants to go through tragedy to test these questions, but maybe a tragedy does not have to occur for our community to toughen up with resources and ways to help each other. During this next month look around our beautiful beach town of a community and ask yourself, what can I do to make our community stronger, like Boston Strong!
From the desk of a Santa Barbara Therapist to you, here are some resources to help yourself, your kids, and your community:
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