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Meet Dre

Finding someone to help you is a very personal thing! Here is a little about me and who I am to help make the process easier for you.

My name is Andrea McGee, but you can call me Dre. I have a great respect for those who seek to improve their quality of life. My life’s work is dedicated to help facilitate that process and help collaborate to create clarity. I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist providing psychotherapy to children, individuals, couples, and families. I have worked in Santa Barbara serving the community since 2005. I can work with a multitude of problems that may be overwhelming or concerning to you and/or your family. I also work with preventive measures to prepare, plan, and handle future problems. I have experience and training working with a wide variety of diagnosis, life issues and concerns that face an individual, couple, and/or family i.e. depression, anxiety, transitions, burnout, trauma, relationship concerns, communication, self-esteem and much more.
I provide a personal, confidential, and a unique counseling and/or coaching experience. I will help you explore what is overwhelming you or creating distress in your quality of life. I believe that therapy and/or coaching is a positive and extremely important investment in one’s self that creates personal growth and enhances one’s life. I am a practical and interactive therapist; my treatment approach is to provide support with insight and feedback to help address current and/or long-standing issues I have a few specialties that I have extensive training, experience, and education in which are listed below.

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