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Pre-Martial Therapy

Pre-Marital Therapy

You just got engaged and are ready to take the next step into marriage! Congratulations! This is a great time to prepare and plan not just the wedding, but the marriage. Pre-marital counseling can be required by some religions and officiants to get married but now more and more couples regardless of requirement are choosing to check out counseling as part of the wedding preparation. Going to counseling before you make the life long commitment allows couples to explore and process life long decisions, not just the flavor of the cake. This time allows each couple to share and learn what they may not already know, questions about kids, finances, extended family and friends, and other issues or topics related to the couple. The therapist helps by working on communication skills, compromise, integrating cultures, and building on each others strengths to build a successful marriage. One topic may include how the couple handles stress in everyday life, this topic can be explored further if the couple finds themselves overwhelmed by the wedding planning. Pre-Marital counseling is not designed to determine whether the couple should or should not get married but to help the couple be prepared and confidant in their decision in commitment to one another.

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